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Bypassing boundaries by bringing virtual classes you love right to your screen!

Oasis Everywhere offers live online courses led by top Oasis instructors from across the country, making it possible to participate in classes beyond your local city center. With Oasis Everywhere virtual lifelong learning, geographic location, mobility or travel constraints no longer apply!

Oasis Everywhere features a listing of classes that are entirely web-based but designed to provide the same interaction and intellectual stimulation that traditional in-person classrooms offer. It also has a dedicated registration system exclusively for Oasis Everywhere courses. If you have an account with Oasis, you can login and register using the same account! Classes are conducted live using Zoom video, an easy-to-use online platform that can be downloaded for free to any mobile or desktop device. Classes are simply accessed through a safe link emailed to you from Oasis 24–48 hours before the start of your class.

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Multi-Session Classes & Class Series

Senior couple is doing fitness training at home. Doing yoga together. Healthy lifestyle concept.

BrainSavers® Synapse Classes

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Feet by the fireplace

FREE Holiday Series

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Missouri Botanical Garden Earthways Center ad image

Missouri Botanical Garden / EarthWays Center Series

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Art With Elders Logo

Art With Elders

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Creative Aging Symposium Logo

Creative Aging Symposium

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Oasis Everywheres’ Amy VanDeVelde gives you a virtual tour and instructions on how to register for your first Oasis Everywhere online class.

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Take the class without a mask! Watch these videos to learn more!

Watch these helpful video tutorials on how to install Zoom, how to use the Zoom controls as well as tips and tricks for looking your best during your online debut. San Diego Oasis staff created a comical yet very helpful video on the dos and don’ts of participating in your Zoom class – definitely worth the watch!

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Installing Zoom on PC

Using Zoom controls

Tips on light for Zoom

Dos and donts of Zoom

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